Rally Encounters

Here’s some photographic evidence of my very fortunate run-ins with people in rally.

Colin Clark of World Rally Radio
My brother and I at the 2006 Rallye Deutschland, with The Incredible Talking Man himself, Colin Clark. Oh, how I love hearing this man talk…

Us and Dani Sordo. Yowza.
Dani Sordo…what a nice guy.
We had just gotten into Trier by train, when we completely chanced upon the ceremonial start. We ran out of our rental car and there were all of the drivers walking to their cars! Seb Loeb was swarmed with people, but we asked Dani Sordo for a quick photo (en español) and he happily obliged.

Me with Travis Pastrana and Ken Block–Yay!
Me with Ken Block and Travis Pastrana at the 2006 LA Auto Show. I think I was the only actual rally fan in attendance that day, so he was happy to answer my nosy questions. The other guys in line were going to sell their autographs on eBay, but you’re gonna have to pry my autographed RallyWorld magazine from my cold, dead fingers!

Me with Colin McRae
I got to meet the legendary Colin McRae on Friday’s practice session at the X Games 13. The atmosphere was really relaxed, so we stopped him once for autographs and a second time for a picture and a quick chat. This just made my whole year.

So now that I’ve met Colin McRae, I don’t know who’s next on my hit list because there aren’t any WRC drivers who would likely come to California. I’ll have to wait and see what opportunities arise…


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  1. Vidar Holum replied:

    Have made a new Colin FanClub at Facebook.
    Can you donate one pictur and a message at the site.

    Regards Vidar

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