Welcome one, welcome all! If you’re a serious WRC fan who really isn’t all that serious, then bienvenido to my blog–home to all the rally trivia, analysis and weirdness that I can conjure up.

I love rallying. Absolutely adore it. Not only because it’s the world’s most challenging and dramatic motorsport, but also because it’s got quirks and all-around insanity. So bit by bit, I’ll let it be known why I love rally and why you should too.



  1. Zatzy replied:

    Hi! Nice to see a different kind of rally-site. By this I mean the feeling of not just pure data but also some mix of passion to sport, which I think is typical to rally fans. You just don’t follow rally because everybody else does but because you love it.
    Over and out.

  2. Moe replied:

    hey i just wanted to say that i love your blog. good stuff.

  3. Anders Galaasen replied:

    Hi! I came across your “tribute site” for Henning Solberg, and just wanted to tell you that a book will be published about this guy this year. I`m the one writing it, and as I see it, we should get together and talk, or at least I would like to do an interview with you by email or phone.
    Where do you live?
    Are you in Portugal now? I am.

    Best regards Anders Galaasen, writer

  4. Neil replied:

    Hello there from another US-based rally fan. I often write about rallying on my racing blog at http://fastestlap.blogspot.com, and I used to co-drive in rallies here in the States, especially CRS events. Keep up the good work. I’m going to add your blog to my blogroll.


  5. DevilWAH replied:

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to say what a great site this is 🙂 i was serching the internet for rally car versus sheep (wanted to show a friend the clip) and ended up here! I have now been looking at this site far to long but its such good fun.. its lovely to see a site made by some one who is so pasionate about the sport.

    Now i want to go home flick on the TV and settle down to watching cars slide round courners, grazing walls and trees and silly speeds and looking like there haveing the most fun possible. (can’t wait for that 24hour TV channel)

    well i must get back to work now. but i sure to be comming back here to cheack out all the stuff i havent got round to looking at yet..

    I think today rally pictures will be forming the background on my PC 🙂

    Thank you for the site and have a great day.


  6. Corey replied:

    Good blog you got here. Have been searching for a good rally blog for ages and this takes the cake. Keep up the good work

  7. Vidar Holum replied:

    Trying to make a T shirt with Colin Clark Fanclub.

    I have connetion to car 19 in Sweeden, if we could get them to give it to him and take a foto.
    Can I use his face from your foto?


  8. amberie replied:

    Yes! Make sure to include the pink bandanna! 🙂

  9. bibomedia replied:


  10. RallyCat909 replied:

    Stumbled onto your site looking for images. Quite impressive. I looked around for an email link, but maybe Im stupid. Anyway, perhaps you might like to come post with Memphis Rally nerds, we have an affection for other rally junkies. I’ll be sure to make a thread pointing members to your site. 😉


  11. chean replied:

    i as well stumbled here looking for images. i wish more people here in california were really into rallying-

    ken block is going to wrc this year O_O … my prediction… he’s gonna get cccreamed

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