Back from the Dead!

Ouch. I haven’t posted since 2008?

It’s been so long, I forgot my own URL. I had to try my password twice.

So what made me wanna post again?


Kimi and Ferrari made as much sense as a marriage between Lt. Saavik and Roberto Benigni. Down-to-business Citroen and Kimi? Much better. Maybe this marriage can last…

Meanwhile, enjoy your Christmas and your US television coverage of the WRC on HDNet! Fa la la la la, la la la la.


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Duval’s Happy Tidings

Good things are happening for Francois Duval. And he deserves it. After gaining notoriety as a quick, but accident-prone driver, he scored a fine 2nd place at Rallye Deutschland. And immediately, Kronos and Citroen itself have secured him a seat at the upcoming Rally Catalunya. I had just about given up hope for him as another driver who never translated his potential into success. Although he’s not exactly my favorite driver, I hope “Frankie” does well, because it’ll be tough to get another chance if he messes up again. Plus, it would be excellent for Sebastien Loeb (who is my favorite driver) if both Duval and Dani Sordo keep Marcus Gronholm behind them on the three upcoming tarmac rallies.

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Thoughts: Rallye Deutschland Day 1

Holy cow! Francois Duval is in the lead! The good people at the forums tipped him to win, but I honestly thought the idea was a bit optimistic, judging from his performances the past two seasons. The C4 is obviously newer, but the Xsara’s still got a bit of magic left in it. Now if Duval can keep it on the road…

Seb Loeb made a wrong tyre choice? Rare. But the rest of the weekend looks to be dry, so it makes the choice easier. If Seb is on the right tyres, I’m sure he can overtake Duval for the lead. It’ll be a great fight, so I hope no one complains about being bored when Seb wins.

The Citroen mechanics had better be poring over Seb’s car for any mechanical problems, because he’s been lucky to not have the problems that Dani Sordo’s been having. With Dani out, that makes the points gap in the championship that much harder to close.

Subaru. It never takes more than a day for it to all go wrong. This time, driver error is to blame. Chris Atkinson had an off on stage 2 and Petter Solberg broke his steering trying to get around a hairpin. How many times have we said already that despite the (fill in mishap here) their pace was promising…

Henning had to retire from the leg after losing his tyre. I have yet to see the in-car footage, but this looks like it’ll be another entry for “The Adventures of Henning Solberg.” Too bad, because he was sounding very cheerful and doing quite well in his first true tarmac event.

We’ve also got some privateers in very enviable spots on the leaderboard. Good luck to them all. Not too much luck, because I’m still rooting for Seb to win his 6th consecutive Rallye Deutschland.

Overall Standings:

1 – Francois Duval
2 – Sebastien Loeb   +1.3
3 – Marcus Gronholm   +17.4
4 – Mikko Hirvonen   +22.7
5 – Toni Gardemeister   +1:04.2
6 – Jan Kopecky   +1:26.6
7 – Xevi Pons   +1:37.2
8 – Jari-Matti Latvala   +1:40.7
9 – Petter Solberg   +1:50.7
10 – Manfred Stohl   +2:10.3

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Happy Birthday, Manfred Stohl!

A happy belated birthday to my favorite affable Austrian (not that I know any other Austrians). Haven’t done a birthday tribute in quite a while, but let’s see if the rust wears off.

Reasons to love Manfred:

He’s a very steady driver who’s almost sure to finish a rally. In 2006, he only had one DNF, and none thus far in 2007. And he really squeezed out great performances from the same Peugeot 307 that cursed Marcus the year earlier.

So 2007 hasn’t seen much speed from Manfred in his Xsara. Citroen swears it’s the same machine that Seb had last year, but Manfred has been very vocal about its noncompetitiveness. He’s ambitious and aims for the best, even after 110+ WRC starts. He doesn’t enter a rally to finish 10th, if he can help it.

I say this every time, but I love his name. Man. Fred. Truly fantastic.

Manfred’s the only WRC regular to have a female codriver, Ilka Minor.

He’s so genuine, friendly and good-natured. His face has a smile built in it.

The infamous leetle cow incident. Aww…

He rides a unicycle!

Listening to his TV interviews with his thick accent. It’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, but much happier (that’s not a stereotype–after all, Arnold’s my Governator!)

He’s the WRC’s true privateer. Keepin’ it real.

All righty then. This may be the end of the list of Manfred’s virtues, but not the end of our appreciation. Best wishes to Manfred and his young family!

Manfred sharing his unicycle skills    Manfred’s always smiling

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Thoughts: 2007 Acropolis Rally and Procrastination

It’s Thursday now, for most of the world, and I am now posting my thoughts on a rally that ended Sunday. I could ramble on about procrastination and my excuses, but this is a blog about rally, not a blog about feelings. But we do have a two month (*involuntary shudder*) break, so there’s plenty of time to stew over the Acropolis Rally and the first half of the season.

First off, day one was crazy awesome! The competition all weekend was amazing. Petter taking a position from Seb? Atko took Gronholm’s lead?! That says it all.

That’s the first podium with all three of the Big Three since Argentina 2005. I hope Marcus is happy. Happy enough to stay around for 2008. I think a points deficit during the summer break would have tipped the scales toward retirement. Now, he’s got a nine point lead. That’s even more than he’d been planning for. He needs a big buffer zone to hold off Loeb in the four upcoming tarmac events.

Seb wasn’t fastest. I have to take a moment to let that compute. He wasn’t a match for Marcus all weekend. He’s got a lot to do if he wants to catch up and win his fourth consecutive world title. I hope all the ad campaigns and photo shoots aren’t affecting his concentration.

This will sound odd, but my gut is pretty much 100% correct in predicting Petter Solberg’s rally. In last year’s Rally Australia, I literally knew from day one that Petter would have a great result. From Monte to Sardinia, I could feel that Petter would have bad luck or make mistakes. On Friday, I made a prediction to myself: Petter would have problems, but they’d be non-terminal and he’d have a decent finish near the top. I’m psychic! But only in Petter-related matters.

That’s also only the 2nd rally this year that Mikko hasn’t finished in the top three (counting Rear Windowgate). Mikko recovered well from Saturday’s scary off. He looked a bit rattled after it, but has driven the rest of the rally without any problems or wariness. I think they call that maturity. 🙂

I think Jari-Matti is the Wonderboy of the season, like Dani was last year. He’s new, fresh-faced, quick and exciting. His poor results nearly matches Matthew Wilson’s, but he’s got talent that nearly matches the top drivers. At least when he crashes out, he does it while going very fast.

Subaru finishes with two cars in the top six. That’s a big step for them. Henning kind of wasted his momentum; he’d done well in Sardinia and does score a 5th place here, but his drive has been rather uninspiring and forgettable. Dani, if he’d had a working gearbox, would’ve done great. He’s been setting good, if not excellent, times. Jan Kopecky in his little Skoda finishes in a fine 7th place. That’s ahead of the Citroen Xsara of Manfred Stohl. Not bad. Poor Manfred though. He must have expected a much faster car when he signed with Kronos.

So the first half of the season ends and the two month break begins, with many questions raised and left unanswered. Is this the beginning of Seb’s decline? Has this win inspired Marcus enough to keep him driving for another year? Is the Impreza really going to be quick and reliable from here on out? Is Jari-Matti going to keep wowing the judges? Will Henning or Atko ever string two good rallies together? Has Dani found his groove and gotten to grips with gravel? How will anyone survive this rally without mousse inserts next year? Will Petter keep his goatee? Does anyone in the world know the answers? Nope! Bring on the angst.

Phil’s super happy too! Henning’s Focus plays in the dirt

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Poor Daniel Carlsson

I was really sad to hear that Daniel Carlsson has been excluded from the rest of the season by the FIA for failure to complete the rounds he had committed to. At the start of the season, I was impressed by his innovative way to find a drive. He found sponsorship through the World Rally Against Drunk Driving campaign, meaning he both got to drive and publicize a worthy cause too. Everybody wins. But alas, something went awry and the FIA came down hard on him. Undeservingly hard, if you ask me. Now, Manfred Stohl must get the other teams to consent to his participation in the rest of the season, while the OMV Kronos team is scrambling to fill the number 2 car. If they don’t, they’ll fail to meet the requirements of a Manufacturer’s Team.

Ugh. I just wanna hear some good news for a change!

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Happy Birthday, Dani Sordo!

I LOVE Dani Sordo. Tons. It’s not so obvious, since this birthday post is weeks late, but I forget my friends’ birthdays all the time. It’s–sadly–very normal. So here are my favorite things about Dani:

He seems like the nicest guy. Very talented, but still shy*, normal and fresh-faced.

But he’s passionate about the sport. You can see it in his fiery reaction to the gearbox problem he had in Rally Argentina. In fact, he loves driving so much, if he weren’t a rally driver, he’d be a delivery truck driver!

Shoot, this kid is fast on tarmac. He’s only 24 years old and he’s threatening Seb Loeb on asphalt?! And he’s getting better by each gravel rally.

The Citroen ad. (It makes the quote below pretty ironic. But don’t ask me why it’s in slow-mo.)

Honestly? The hotness. Refer to above video for evidence.

It may have been his most embarrassing moment, but his big crash in 2006’s Cyprus Rally on the last stage shows just how human he is, and how earnestly he wants to succeed.

And I’m sure he will succeed. No kidding, this Wonderboy is going to be world champion one day. Carlos Sainz believes in him. And so do I.

*Love this quote from the press conference before Portugal:
“Q: Normally it’s your team-mate, Sebastien Loeb, giving you advice. You’ve been here before – can you give Seb some advice?
Dani: I know a little more than him but Seb is a big professional and I think that Dani Sordo is very small.”

Dani in Australia 2006  Dani-jumping through mysterious Welsh mist  Dani with mentor Seb, Race of Champions

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Happy Birthday, Toni Gardemeister!

This birthday wish may be horribly late, but it’s here, isn’t it? Here we go then–why is Garde so great?

Because he’s a very talented driver. He had very solid results in 2005 in his factory drive with Ford. Without a works team in 2006, he still drove like hell and scored a podium and three other top 5 finishes. All in a four-year-old Xsara with a shoestring budget.

Because he’s Finnish. Complete with the accent and the ability to swear in very long beeps.

Because he’s got a great name. Anyone remember Meisterburger Burgermeister from the Rankin-Bass movie “Santa Clause is Coming to Town”? Yeah. Like that: Meistergarde Gardemeister.

Because it’s funny how he sticks his tongue out when he’s really concentrating.

Because even his privateer car has great livery on it. I like the Koti Idea spots.

Except for the early 2006 car, which looked like it had hit a family of alphabets and they were still clinging to his hood.

And because he hasn’t given up. He placed fourth in the championship in 2005, then was dropped by Ford in favor of Mikko Hirvonen. But he’s been trying extremely hard to gather sponsors and to do events. He hasn’t disappointed. He finishes consistently and displays truckloads of passion for the sport. He thoroughly deserves a stable drive, but this difficult period has also helped him. It has reinvigorated him to drive with more purpose and determination to prove his talent. I really do hope it pays off.

Toni’s lookin’ good.    Poor family of alphabets.    Toni going bumperless

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Thoughts: 2007 Rally de Portugal

Not a bad rally, eh? I haven’t been around long enough to remember the original, but it was enjoyable, and certainly interesting. Here are my thoughts on my first Rally de Portugal.

Honestly, this rally is better than Cyprus or Turkey. The drivers think so too. Petter said that some of the stages are the most difficult he’s seen in his entire career. It’s also got heritage, a massive home fan base, and a sense of excitement.

The big news is the post-event scrutineering. The rear side windows were found to be non-homologated parts (who checks the thickness of a rear side window anyway?) so all six Ford drivers were handed five minute penalties. That changes the rally results to:
1st – Sebastien Loeb
2nd – Petter Solberg
3rd – Dani Sordo
4th – Marcus Gronholm
5th – Mikko Hirvonen
6th – Daniel Carlsson
7th – Gigi Galli
8th – Jari-Matti Latvala
9th – Manfred Stohl
I’m really shocked. Rules are rules, but that seems like a huge waste of a weekend’s worth of driving. Kinda puts a damper on the whole event.
Well, that’s victory number 31 for Sebastien Loeb. Another good battle, won mostly on leg 2 because of Seb’s uncanny ability to choose the correct tyres and look after them. And, apparently, the ability to keep his windows at their homologated thickness.

Marcus has proven he is still very, very fast compared to Loeb. He would still leading the driver’s championship if the penalty weren’t given. The 2006 Focus is still competitive against the 2007 C4. So Marcus–please, please, please don’t retire!

Speaking of C4’s, Dani Sordo’s 5th/3rd place finish impressed me. His speed was only behind that of the “Big Three” and Mikko Hirvonen, all of whom have much more experience and expertise on gravel. He’s showing that he’s improving on the loose stuff, which is exactly what he needs to be world champion one day.

Everyone else seemed to be struggling, in the car and emotionally. Manfred Stohl finished in 10th/9th and couldn’t make any impact in his Xsara. Neither could Carlsson for most of the rally. And Gigi was just stymied as to how the top guys could be going so fast. He put in 1000% and still ended up 1 second per kilometer slower than the leaders. Gee, the Xsara was just magic in the hands of Seb and Dani.
The only other guy to have a decent run was Jari-Matti. He set a couple third-fastest stage times and would’ve finished 6th.

And finally, the award for the most depressed driver of the week goes to Henning Solberg. Normally, he’s got the most cheer and chuckles than anyone in town. But after stage one, I couldn’t even recognize his voice, it was so disappointed and devoid of energy. I guess he’s taking more time to find the feeling with the Focus than he’d like, but he shouldn’t be so sad! Send a warm fuzzy from your heart to his, in hopes he’ll be back to his normal Henning-y self by Argentina.

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Why I Love Rally, Reason #12

I love, love, love the growl of a rally car. Behold: the lumpy boxer engine of the Impreza, the aggressive Xsara, and the monstruous Audi Quattro.

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Thoughts: 2007 Rally Mexico

Aqui hay mis pensamientos/locuras acerca de Rally Mexico:

The drivers’ championship is shaping up to be a good fight. Seb’s still got 4 points to make up on Marcus. With both drivers consistently finishing either 1st or 2nd, they’ll have to duke it out for each victory, gaining or losing 2 points at a time. But the Finn seems to be losing his motivation lately–the “sacred fire” within. (As coined by Stephane Lambiel, the reigning world champion in men’s figure skating, who abruptly quit when he just didn’t feel like skating anymore. I shudder to think that’ll happen with Marcus. And yes, I love both rallying and figure skating.)

Travis Pastrana! It’s weird yet wonderful to hear an American accent on the world rally scene! What a welcome addition! Such enthusiasm! And yes–every sentence ends in an exclamation point! Cuz Travis is awesome!

Mikko Hirvonen is quite the ambitious one, isn’t he? He’s got a taste of what it’s like to be on top, and he ain’t resting until he’s winning all the time. Headstrong, yes. But his mischievous sense of humor and boyish antics make him oh-so-loveable.

I’m so relieved to see Seb win. Norway was his worst finish since 2002 (!) and I was afraid he had lost his groove. All drivers eventually do. But what was I thinking? It’s Super Seb, and he hasn’t finished his reign just yet.

Another big sigh of relief for the Subaru WRT. The Impreza S12B is fast! And it’s only an interim car until the 2008 Impreza S14 arrives. Chris Atkinson said he could drive normally now, instead of taking risks like a madman just to keep up with the field. What a novel idea!

The second finish in a row for Jari-Matti Latvala–is this a sign of growing consistency? It’s a good step for him.

Also impressive was Dani Sordo. He finished in fourth last year also. He’s a circuit-racing-bred tarmac specialist, but he’s coming to grips with the sandy stuff. I think he finishes so well in Mexico because the cars are slowed by the altitude and he can cope better with the gravel. When the speeds get really fast, like in Finland, he has a harder time keeping up.

All in all, it was a fun rally, especially with the crew at World Rally Radio. Good times.

Last of all, I’m all for a rally in North America. But when the spectators cause this many problems, I’m also in favor of this rally being left off the calendar (which it will be for 2008). I couldn’t even count how many times they threw rocks at the cars. Unacceptable.

Petter and Phil - Mexico 2007 A friendly punch to the face Seb - Splish Splash The improved Impreza

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Only in Rally #2

This car is in motion.

Seb in the 2006 Acropolis Rally

Loeb drove it for 80km, the mechanics repaired it good as new in 30 minutes, and Loeb went on to claim 2nd place.

And this is one of countless times a rally car has survived a less-than-four-tyres situation. They usually do it with a co-driver hanging out the window to balance out the car.

You tap a stock car or open wheeler the wrong way, and it’s all over. You can roll a rally car over, fill it with snow, rip off its back wheels and suspension, and it still runs! Hooray!!!

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A Super-big Happy B-day to Super Seb!

February 26 marks the birth of Sebastien Loeb. So who’s ready for the love fest?

The man’s a genius. He went for so long without any mistakes, even Marcus Gronholm wondered if he was a man or a machine. Super Seb… The Master… Mr. Perfect…ain’t it the truth?

Look at the facts: an unmatched 29 victories (34% of all rallies he’s started); 49 podiums (58% of rallies he’s entered); world champion in 2004, 2005, and 2006; his first championship points finish was in 2nd place; a record 6 consecutive wins in 2005; a win at every Rallye Deutschland ever run; the first non-Scandinavian to win the Swedish Rally; and 12 out of 12 stage scratch times at the Tour de Corse in 2005. Best. Driver. Ever.

His driving style is impeccable. It’s not all sideways and showy, but it’s fast. It’s the seamless way he slings the car around bends like a gymnast on the pommel horse. It’s how quick he is on the throttle coming out of corners. It’s those unbelievably tight donuts he can do. It all adds up to a charisma and a command of the road that only Seb can possess.

Despite all the accolades, he’s still a humble, friendly guy who’s not afraid to compliment his rivals or admit a mistake (however rare they are).

Speaking of mistakes, look at them closely. Especially the spin in the 2005 Rallye Deutschland and the corner in 2007’s Rallye Monte Carlo. He corrects his error before the error’s even done being an error. He overshot that square right in Germany, but spun the car around so he could just hit the accelerator and continue. He avoided a front impact in Monte by hitting the hand brake and turning it into a sideways bump, facing the right direction. He’s got the reflexes of a cat (if cats drove rally cars).

Despite not finishing his education, his brain is a supercomputer. In a non-rally appearance in the 2006 24 Heures du Le Mans, the Pescarolo Judd pitted and his teammate hopped out of the car. When Seb got in, he managed to drive off one-handed, without stalling and without hitting anyone, all while inputing his driver code with his right hand. That’s what happens when he has one race track and no pacenotes to worry about. He probably could have made pancakes and ironed his laundry with his feet at the same time.

Gotta love his smile. He never gives an interview without a smile. It balances out frowny Marcus.

And where Marcus sometimes drives away from the stage end without a word, Seb is always good for a detailed, honest assessment of his performance.

He’s “glacially cool” and relaxed. Even when he was stuck at home with a broken arm, he took it in stride, even if he hated it.

The French accent doesn’t hurt. Or his boyish good looks. Or his muscular physique. Or the way his blue-grey eyes crinkle when he laughs…but I digress.

So, in case you were wondering what I’ll be doing in 2007, I’ll be rooting for a fourth consecutive world championship for my favorite driver. Who knows what other heights he can climb?

Smiley    With the Michelin Man!

Playing along with Neil Cole    Eek.

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Thoughts: Sweden and Norway

Who doesn’t love a snow rally?

But rather than give a recap, here are some random thoughts:

The C4 is quick enough, but not quicker than the Focus. So it has the same engine and suspension as the Xsara? So what has Citroen been doing the past four years? I hope it’ll get a new engine soon, because I don’t see how a car older than Sebastien Loeb’s career could possibly be competitive for much longer.

Snowbanks are evil blackholes and destroyers of hope.

Swedish rally fans find the funniest hats. You can’t buy those here in the US.

And you can’t beat their dedication either. Minus 23 degrees C, and they’re still out in the forest watching rally cars zoom by.

Toni Gardemeister is contending for the top five in an outdated Mitsu Lancer that wasn’t competitive even when it was new. The man deserves a drive, people!

I don’t like talk of Marcus Gronholm’s retirement. But you can see his motivation and enthusiasm waning with each passing rally. He looked like he couldn’t wait for Rally Norway to be over. Motivational issues aside, it must have been embarrassing to be outpaced all weekend by the #2 driver.

How impressive was Mikko Hirvonen? He held the lead from stage one and was faster than no less than three world champions. One of them was in the same machinery. Everything about him just screams “world champion!” The question is, “how soon?”

Seb had a…bad (?!) rally. I have literally never seen him finish lower than second. I don’t even know how to cope yet. But he’s been honest and upbeat–not anything like Marcus’ glazed look all weekend.

Petter and Chris couldn’t wait to get the heck out of the 2006 Impreza, I’m sure. I think Prodrive should take it out back and burn it. Keep your fingers crossed that the S14 isn’t the dreambuster that the S12 was.

Speaking of Solbergs, Henning is coming out of nowhere to regularly beat former world champion Petter. Leave it to the Solbergs to both entertain, and to have the most awesome colored cars ever. I just can’t wait to see if Henning can move up to the top level alongside Seb and Marcus.

Poor Becs Williams tore some ligaments in her hand. And she didn’t get the sympathy she deserved!

Dani Sordo’s inexperience really shows in the events where he’s a fish out of water. Or a Spaniard out of the sun. Or something. I hope he breaks out of his tarmac expert label, because he’ll need to in order to be world champion.

Jari-Matti Latvala is impressing me too. If he matures and quits making silly mistakes, he certainly has the speed to be a champion.

Alrighty then. There’s my two cents until Rally Mexico. I can’t wait to see how Travis Pastrana does!

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Happy Birthday, Xevi Pons!

I know I’m backlogged on birthdays. That’s very bad, because a guy like Xevi Pons deserves a timely birthday wish!

Xevi has grown on me. For me, he started out as the out-classed teammate to Sebastien Loeb in the Kronos Citroen team. Then things went downhill, with the lackluster performances and the low: going beserk in the vineyards of Deutschland when Carlos del Barrio lost his place in the pacenotes. But he took a vacation, and when he came back in Japan, he was a new man! Happier, refreshed, and faster! I started calling him Happy Xevi. The last few rallies of the year saw him really shine, with top 5 finishes in the vacuum left by SuperSeb. He had to have loved it when he outpaced Sir Colin “Youngest, Famousest Rally Champion Ever” McCrae in Rally of Turkey, when the team didn’t even nominate him to score points. Must have felt a little like “BOO-YAH!” (That’s a Teen Titans reference, if you’re curious.)

I’m sure Mr. Pons is enjoying his 27th year of life, now that he has a drive in a Mitsubishi Lancer after the preseason scare of not having a drive at all. He even celebrated his 50th WRC start in Monte Carlo, with his new codriver Xavier Amigo. So let’s wish the two Xaviers a happy 2007 season.

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