Don’t expect me to share my life story. Only a few factoids:

My favorite color is Subaru blue.

My favorite TV shows are cartoons: “Animaniacs,” “Justice League,” and “Gargoyles.”

As of Rally Catalunya, I am a quarter of a century old.

And it’s taken me that long to finally watch “Top Gun.”

My favorite rally souvenir is an air horn that I set off indoors for “special” occasions. It makes my ears buzz for an hour after.

Aside from rally, I’m a bit partial to quantum physics, film and dancing.

I also like gnomes.

My brother is serving his two-year mission in Sydney, Australia speaking Cantonese. I’m already planning to hit Rally New Zealand and (hopefully) Rally Australia when he’s done. That also means the Rayberg Rally Team is taking a two-year break, because our driver is serving in Porto Alegre, Brazil speaking Portuguese.



  1. Brian Driggs replied:

    Hi there. I came across a link to your blog while poking around the Speed Channel, I’m sorry, NASCAR channel, forums. Always the rally fan, I like to see what’s up in the area. Thought I would mention that I live in Phoenix and am the 2007 California Rally Series Press Liaison. There are more rallies in California than I think any other state in the country. Granted, it’s not WRC, but the CRS is like a giant rally family.

    If you’ve not heard of the CRS yet, PLEASE visit the website listed below. We need all the people we can get to support this sport in North America and you can do so by volunteering to help out or just to come out and say hi to the teams. I used to feel that WRC was the pinnacle of rally action, but once I started to get to know the teams in this country, I found that it’s just that much more exciting to follow your friends and neighbors.

    If you can’t make it out to any of the events, check your local listings to see if you have ESPN2, as has teamed with them to air all their events this year. There will be rally coverage on TV in the US, but any die hard rally fan is welcome to personally come out and show some support to the greatest form of motorsport on the planet.

    Hope this comes as good news.

    Press on,

    Brian Driggs
    CRS Press Liaison

  2. Brian Driggs replied:

    Oops. Forgot the link. (Got a bit too excited, I guess.)

  3. Matt Jelonek replied:

    Love your stuff keep it up! Speak soon! =)

    /// a t t

  4. Sir Killalot replied:

    Got a love em, the Solberg-brothers:

    A forum for all car-sports, including WRC.

  5. Sir Killalot replied:


    When Henning Solberg is into something like playing Playstation or so, he can sit about somewhere around 10 minutes without winking his eyes:-)

  6. amberie replied:

    Thanks, great factoid. Rally drivers not only have super driving powers, they must have superpower tear ducts too!

  7. Kevin Marble replied:

    You are AWESOME!!! This blog is excellent, & you REALLY know your stuff about Rallying! This is a true “breath of frsh air”. Now all we’ve gotta’ do is prove to everyone in North America that Rallying is the greatest Motorsport of all time. Rock on girl! There’s a great Rally in PA this next weekend (June 1st & 2nd) Come check it out if you’re anwhere in the area.

  8. Erk replied:

    G’day from Down Under. Any lady who says that her favourite colour is Subaru Blue (or as I call it, WRC Blue) is alright in my book. 🙂

    I’ve just done a blog post on my blog/podcast site based on some of my experiences, mainly spectating and photographing at Rally Australia. I have also been a nav and have spent most of the year being an official at various club & state events and one national event too.

    Also (despite not being a chick myself!) I am a member of a group of Australian women in rallying called “Rallychicks” at that you might like to have a look at.

    Indeed next month in Canberra, there is a rally called “Rally de Femmes” where the driver has to be female. Apart from a small number of women who drive in an event regularly, RdF gives women who are normally a nav, an official, looking after the kids or otherwise occupied a chance to have a drive in a rally. It is only a short introduction event so it is limited to the amount of time and distance can be driven so if you aren’t experienced, you aren’t driving all day.

    Keep up the good work with the blog!

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