Happy Birthday, Chris Rawes!

Thank goodness we have people like Chris Rawes running Rally Radio–it’s a rally fan’s best friend. There’s tons of information, analysis, serious stuff–and slightly deranged humor to break up the intensity of it all. So if Becs is the Duchess of rally, Colin the Town Cryer, and James the Court Jester, then I’d nominate Chris as the Prime Minister. And why does he deserve control over this metaphorical parliament?

He keeps everything together. If there’s a problem, then Chris is there to press the buttons and get things back on track.

You’ve got to love the suave, refined, and yet nutty vocal stylings of Mr. Rawes. I still love the way he says “the Limassol Sponge Museum.”

He’s Henning Solberg’s biggest fan! And why? Because Henning once raced a bobsled on Top Gear. That’s a good enough reason for me!

Kudos for being a responsible adult, oftentimes taking the morning shift when James sleeps in.

So this completes my birthday tributes to all the members of the Rally Radio team. I really have no idea how old Chris is (you can never trust what’s announced on air…), but a big happy birthday to him all the same.

PS: I have no pictures to post. I say WRR takes a group picture, perhaps a Christmas gift to the world!


December 1, 2007. Appreciation, Rally Radio.

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