Funny Quotes Vol. 1

This is from the pre-event press conference in New Zealand:

Q: What happened to your co-driver Cato this morning, he wasn’t with you at shakedown? Are you confident he will be okay for tomorrow?
Henning Solberg: It was the flu; he was very sick last night, we had to get the doctor in this morning and the doctor said that he has to stay in bed today. They say he will be okay for tomorrow. I am confident that he will be okay.

I just think it’s funny that Henning, in the usual rally driver must-finish attitude, announces that Cato’s virus will definitely be gone by Friday. Probably because Henning would have personally buckled Cato into the seat, whether he was okay or not!

Q: Marcus, you are another one not feeling particularly well. How bad are you feeling from the flu?
Marcus Gronholm: I am not in bed, at least not with Cato!

Hehe. Classic Marcus.


September 7, 2007. Funny Quotes, Rally, Rallying, WRC.

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