Meeting Colin McRae

I’m still giddy. After waiting over two hours yesterday by the service park hoping to meet Colin McRae, we finally spotted him today. We watched him get interviewed by a TV crew, do a photo shoot for SubieSport Magazine, and do driver-y things. Then, when he stepped out of the service tent, we took the opportunity to ask him for autographs. Sadly, we seemed to be the only people who knew that Colin McRae wasn’t just the guy that rolled the car last year. So after Colin picked his seeding order out of a hat and spoke with Tanner Foust about Dirt, we grabbed him again for a photo and a moment’s chat. Sigh…I am a happy girl.

Also, in contrast with the difficulties of spectating the practice session at the Home Depot Center, the mechanics on the rally teams were great to talk to. There was little to do besides hang around the little service park, so we spent a lot of time gazing lovingly upon the cars and talking to the crews.

We also tried to meet the legendary John Buffum. He’s codriving (!) for NASCAR’s Boris Said (!!), but Boris wasn’t there, so John Buffum drove. Like he should. However, every time we wanted to flag him down, he’d turn around and disappear. One second he was there, the next he was gone and nowhere to be seen. It was like his superhero power.

From what we were able to see of the practice session, all hats off to Colin McRae. He was, hands down, the tidiest and quickest driver. The other drivers did offer a lot of sideways entertainment, but you could see Colin’s talent and experience in his driving. It was a thing of beauty. Definitely worth the sunburn on my nose.

Closing note: Travis Pastrana needs to keep hydrated. He was sweating buckets and didn’t have time to stop for enough fluids.

Remember to watch the X Games on ABC and ESPN2 HD, Sunday afternoon!

Me with Colin McRae    A very tired Travis Pastrana


August 4, 2007. Auto Racing, Rally, Rallying.


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  2. X Games 16: “Rally Car Racing” and “Super Rally” « What in the World Rally? replied:

    […] spectators in the Home Depot Center were curious looky-loos drawn by the sound of engines. Even in 2007, I was able to hang around the service area long enough to eavesdrop on a drivers’ debrief, […]

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