Happy Birthday, Mikko Hirvonen!

A humongous happy birthday to Mikko Hirvonen, the cheekiest Finn this side of the…um…not Pecos…not Mississippi…this side of Jyvaskyla?

The many virtues of Mikko:

He’s overcome his deficiencies as a young, inexperienced driver to become one of the quickest drivers in the championship. He’s gone from that disastrous year with Subaru, to notching up the rally victories on his belt.

Mikko isn’t one of those drivers who wasted his potential. He hasn’t given up amidst adversity. He is no longer throwing his car off the road in vain attempts to match other drivers. Instead, he has found a balance between good sense and good speed. As a result, he finishes rallies, easily scores podiums, and gains vital experience. It’s a pleasure to see him sweeten with time, like fine wine. Or good cheese.

His mischievous sense of humor (that’s where the cheese comes in). Whether he’s mugging to the camera, driving Malcolm Wilson nuts, or guest-jockeying on World Rally Radio, he’s entertaining.

He’s a true Flying Finn. While the other drivers go easier on the jumps to avoid damage to the car, Mikko declares, “it’s the best feeling in the rally, when you are flying with the car and when you go sideways over the jumps…but normally, they are flat. That’s the only way.” Sideways!

His beauty. Miss Engine 1996, baby!

He’s a complete petrolhead. He has a certain affinity for restoring rusty Skodas. And, he even proposed to his fiancee at a gas station!

And of course, I love his name. It’s a vital component of MikPetter LatvaLoebHolm, the silly-sounding alias of the silly Robert Clark, of the Rayberg Rally Team.

So in conclusion, Mikko is easy to love. He’s going to have a ton of fans when he becomes world champion one day. Not if, but WHEN.

First win in OZ ‘06  Look at that face!


August 1, 2007. Appreciation, Rally, Rallying, WRC.

One Comment

  1. Andy Eldershaw replied:

    Colin McRae… what a legend! Without him I wouldn’t even know about WRC,BRC and the like.
    Good to know people still follow WRC! in England F1 is all the rage.:S
    Met Colin when me and dad were at a classic rally event… cannot remember where, and Colin was there, driving a rage buggy and a subaru. That day I met a legend.

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