Why I Love Rally, Reason #16

It’s that time of year, when the WRC takes a summer holiday and I busy myself with other things. Like getting a full night’s sleep for two whole months. The entire series may be in tough times, but I want to take a moment and remember why I fell in love with the WRC in the first place.

The spectacular images.

When I see photos of other racing series, I see car, car, car, car and some other car. On a circuit. Turning maybe. Some wrecks in gravel traps or into tyre barriers.

When I see photos of rallying, I see jumps! Crests! Mud thrown everywhere! Mountain scenery! Cliffs! Cars driving with no wheels! Rolls! Sideways drifts!

It’s all pretty freakin’ awesome. Empirically speaking.

Just another day in the office for Mikko and Jarmo The rally way around a corner, courtesy of Manfred Stohl


June 15, 2007. Auto Racing, Motorsport, Rally, Rallying, Why I Love Rally, WRC.

One Comment

  1. Gopherboy replied:

    I fully agree, the skills needed to drive at them speeds down such nasty roads/tracks, etc AND keep the car in best form it can be is fantastic!
    Other race events don’t come close! One of my least favourite (although I don’t mind watching from time to time) is US Indie Car, oval curcuits! Forward… Left… Forward… Left… foorrr… yawn!

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