Happy Birthday, Dani Sordo!

I LOVE Dani Sordo. Tons. It’s not so obvious, since this birthday post is weeks late, but I forget my friends’ birthdays all the time. It’s–sadly–very normal. So here are my favorite things about Dani:

He seems like the nicest guy. Very talented, but still shy*, normal and fresh-faced.

But he’s passionate about the sport. You can see it in his fiery reaction to the gearbox problem he had in Rally Argentina. In fact, he loves driving so much, if he weren’t a rally driver, he’d be a delivery truck driver!

Shoot, this kid is fast on tarmac. He’s only 24 years old and he’s threatening Seb Loeb on asphalt?! And he’s getting better by each gravel rally.

The Citroen ad. (It makes the quote below pretty ironic. But don’t ask me why it’s in slow-mo.)

Honestly? The hotness. Refer to above video for evidence.

It may have been his most embarrassing moment, but his big crash in 2006’s Cyprus Rally on the last stage shows just how human he is, and how earnestly he wants to succeed.

And I’m sure he will succeed. No kidding, this Wonderboy is going to be world champion one day. Carlos Sainz believes in him. And so do I.

*Love this quote from the press conference before Portugal:
“Q: Normally it’s your team-mate, Sebastien Loeb, giving you advice. You’ve been here before – can you give Seb some advice?
Dani: I know a little more than him but Seb is a big professional and I think that Dani Sordo is very small.”

Dani in Australia 2006  Dani-jumping through mysterious Welsh mist  Dani with mentor Seb, Race of Champions


May 18, 2007. Appreciation, Citroen, WRC.

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