I Have Returned…

Holy rally cow! It’s been forever since my last post because one, I only saw Rally Argentina coverage last night, and two, I spent a week in Hong Kong for business. So I played catch-up and…

Seb won in Argentina, but the rally was hardly enjoyable because of all the aforementioned frustration. Plus, the review show kept commending Jari-Matti Latvala on his fine performance, but didn’t get a single interview with him. Sigh…this rally is a classic, so I hope it’s just one off year for them.

The World Rally Commission is discussing their Vision 2012 plan, which (surprisingly) sounds OK. There are changes, but they seem sensible. It’d be even better if they stuck in a line about getting BF Goodriches with mousse inserts.

Xevi Pons is back! He’ll be driving the third Impreza for the Subaru World Rally Team. That’s right–not a privateer Subie, a factory car. At the start of the season, he said he wouldn’t drive anything if it couldn’t be a competitive seat. (It’s like he attended Derek Zoolander’s Center for Kids Who Want to Read Good, and Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too: “Screw him! Hold out for more!”…and he got more!) The deal begins in Finland and could extend up to 2009 if he’s a good boy.

Now, if only Toni Gardemeister could land a sweet deal like that…


May 16, 2007. Rally, Rally Reports, Rallying, Thoughts, WRC.

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