Rallye Argentina–what a mess…

First, no Rally Radio. Now, no Day 1.

What is heck is going on?

Geez, I hope we end up with a rally to watch at all…

It’s a classic rally with the Mina Clavero and El Condor stages, but with Mexico de-facto gone from the calendar forever, it doesn’t make sense anymore to go to Argentina.  Norway, Ireland and especially Portugal are just poised to take its place. What. A. Mess.


May 4, 2007. Rally, Rally Radio, Rallying, Thoughts, WRC.


  1. A Luy replied:

    I think you´re wrong. Rally Argentina will not be removed.
    The problem here was the terrible and very stupid desicion of making a SS in Buenos Aires.
    It is the rally with the major quantity of spectators.
    And this one was the first time that the organization failed, though the climate did not help.

  2. Bruce McKinnon replied:

    Hi. Just found your blog and love it.

    I agree about Argentina; with so many countries waiting to host a round of the championship, and no more space in the year to do them, the day 1 mess must cast a cloud over the event, if not next year then when time comes for the promoters to resign.

    One of the local drivers here in Sydney (Kevin Shaw) competed in Group N. Must have cost him a small fortune to ship a car to other side of the world and take himself a team over for a week and a half. But then he found himself waiting 16 hours in the airport, and lost 40% of the rally stages!

    Anyway, love the blog.

    Cheers, Bruce.

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