Some Lovin’ for “Climb Dance”

For those who don’t know, “Climb Dance” is a short film about Ari Vatanen’s run up the Pike’s Peak International Hillclimb that’s basically the best onboard ever. Yes, it’s Ari Vatanen’s genius driving that makes it awesome, but the direction by Jean Louis Mourey makes it beautiful. World-class driving + Group B-inspired car + perfect mise en scene = pure joy.

The best parts:
1) As previously mentioned, the best Scandinavian flick of all time.
2) The fact that he did it all without pacenotes.
3) The bug that splatters on the camera lens.
4) How Ari Vatanen uses one hand to block the sun and the other to drive.
5) The funny music. It can’t be hummed, but I try anyway.
6) He uses the whole road–and almost runs out of it!
7) The big scrape along the hill.
8) The mystery of how they got all those cameras to fit on the car.
9) The dust trails in the beginning, that you realize are being kicked up by the Peugeot. Peace…and then *bam*–car!
10) The car–the speed, the sound, the dated 80’s livery.
11) Ari Vatanen.
12) Did I mention Ari Vatanen?

If you haven’t seen it, clicky here. If you already have, go relive its brilliance.


April 30, 2007. Appreciation, Auto Racing, Peugeot.

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