Glenn MacNeall vs. Stephane Prevot

I’ve been in denial since the announcement that Stephane Prevot will codrive Chris Atkinson for the rest of the season. I will always pine a little in my heart for Glenn.

However, Glenn thinks he’s made the right decision. He gave an interesting and candid interview to RallySport Magazine, saying they weren’t improving well enough as a team and the repercussions were too costly. Glenn is now the happiest he’s been in years. He’s at home with his girlfriend/driver Emma Gilmour, contesting events in the Australian Rally Championship.

Still, I’m not too crazy about Prevot, after hearing of some really nasty comments he made about Francois Duval when they split in 2005. And I find it really surprising they’d choose a codriver who has never done a rally in English before (only French). Other than the Subaru/Sarrazin connection, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense on paper. But if he and Atko get along, I guess that’s all that matters. They have such different personalities though. And I wonder how he’ll take Atko’s driving style–Duval’s didn’t impress him any and we know how that ended. Time will tell. Or…Argentina will tell.


April 24, 2007. Rally, Rallying, Subaru, Thoughts, WRC.


  1. Phil replied:

    An interesting comment, however, there are factors that you might not be aware of, and I shall not divulge them. Needless to say, Stephane has a huge amount of experience in the WRC, Frankie Duval goes through Co-Drivers like there’s no tomorrow (I’ve met four of them in the last five years!) and look how well they are doing! Atko is more consistent, and finishing in the points on a regular basis.

  2. amberie replied:

    I agree. Some time has passed and Stephane has grown on me (I don’t like disliking anyone, anyway). The switch seems to have worked well for Atko. Two fourth places in the last three rallies ain’t bad at all.
    Heck, it seems the codriver switch has worked for Duval too! He and Patrick Pivato not only scored a runner-up finish at Deutschland, they’ve got a deal with OMV Kronos and Citroen for at least a couple tarmac rallies. It’s almost a comeuppance that Duval has effectively become Seb’s teammate at Citroen, again.

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