Bad, bad, bad, bad news. Glenn is leaving!

Glenn MacNeall has decided to leave the Subaru Team and no longer co-drive Chris Atkinson.

I’m just brokenhearted. Ridiculously so. He’s such a funny, professional guy who enjoys a close friendship with Chris. His statement reads:

“Competing in the World Rally Championship is far more than just a job, and while I really have enjoyed my time with the team I’ve simply come to the point now where I want to do other things. Having made up my mind to go, it wouldn’t be fair on Chris for me to carry on with anything less than 100 per cent commitment, and for this reason I felt it would be best to step down straight away. I’ll continue to follow the sport very closely and I wish Chris, Petter and the whole Subaru team the best of luck in the future.”

Maybe his life is heading in a different direction. Maybe he needs a life where he’s not abroad 40 weeks out of the year. Maybe he couldn’t take another high-speed crash into the rally scenery a la Stephane Prevot. I don’t blame Glenn for leaving, but where are they going to find a guy to take his place? George Clooney-coiffed Tony Sircombe, perhaps? Anyway, while the SWRT scrambles to get a replacement, I’ll be watching the old Shakedown spotlight on Glenn and crying on the inside.


April 3, 2007. News, Rally, Rallying, Subaru, WRC.

One Comment

  1. john replied:

    How about another Chris. Pastrana’s current co-pilot/driver! bring him up!!!

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