The Adventures of Henning Solberg: Mexico Edition

Rolling the car back over

Henning’s first roll of the year! And it’s the highest quality video yet, cuz it all happened in front of an ISC camera crew. Of course we want Henning to finish well, but it’s just as fun when he rolls. He hit a rock and lost three minutes getting the car upright, but the car ran fine. He and Cato finished stage two, and drove stage three at competitive pace. His Focus and their lungs were filled with *cough* dust, but they made it back to service.

Cheeky Ford boys…

The Ford mechanics posted this hilarious reminder for Henning. Very cheeky. Hey–they should count themselves lucky. At least Henning kept the windscreen on!


March 15, 2007. Auto Racing, Ford, Motorsport, Rally, Rallying, Solberg, The Adventures of Henning Solberg, WRC.

One Comment

  1. THRallyta replied:

    Thank’s for interesting facts about Henning. He is a great, humane, happy and sweet guy who have been very unlucky many times. But he always smile and looks forward when things goes bad. There should be more like him. In fact; he whas the reason that I started to watch rally. And now I am a rallyfan. He always make me happy when he smile. And I hope and belive that he one day will win a rally.

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