Only in Rally #2

This car is in motion.

Seb in the 2006 Acropolis Rally

Loeb drove it for 80km, the mechanics repaired it good as new in 30 minutes, and Loeb went on to claim 2nd place.

And this is one of countless times a rally car has survived a less-than-four-tyres situation. They usually do it with a co-driver hanging out the window to balance out the car.

You tap a stock car or open wheeler the wrong way, and it’s all over. You can roll a rally car over, fill it with snow, rip off its back wheels and suspension, and it still runs! Hooray!!!


March 5, 2007. Auto Racing, Citroen, Motorsport, Only In Rally, Rally, Rallying, WRC.

One Comment

  1. straight8deluxe replied:

    my favorite was tommi (i think it was tommi, or maybe petter))in his subaru a few years ago in Germany driving through the whole stage with only 3 wheels, and it dod not seem to bother him too much that he only had 3 wheels. awsome!!!!

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