Happy Birthday, Colin Clark!

My favorite Scotsman ever, Colin Clark of World Rally Radio, turned 41* on February 4th. How do we repay a man who makes the “world” in “World Rally” go ’round? Dish out praise, and lots of it:

Where would we be without Colin’s intrepid stage-end reporting? It’s informative, insightful, and hilarious (especially when he and Chris Atkinson are in a cheery mood). But seriously, he does a wonderful job at asking the right questions, not just “How was it?” every single time. Colin describes everything. We know how the car is, what mood the drivers are in, what mood the other reporters are in, and sometimes we even get reports on timing board markers. He talks his throat sore every rally while covering close to every stage in hot and cold weather.

And when it’s hot and sunny, he’s wearing his pink bandanna around his neck. It’s so fashion-victim bad, it’s good. Maybe I just get a kick out of Becs mocking Colin for it. But word is that he’s got a new yellow bandanna for 2007. It has big shoes to fill. You can’t get much worse than hot pink.

He has great hair. Not quite Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey great, but it’s up there. It’s curly, it’s blond, and it sits on top of Colin’s head; therefore, it’s great hair.

Colin’s got a great laugh. From the “ha-ha” laughs to the mischievious “hee-hee” laughs, it makes things fun.

The Scottish accent. The gravelly voice. The sheer loudness. No wonder he’s called The Incredible Talking Man.

So a happy belated birthday to Mr. Colin Clark. Rally Radio is free now, so there’s no excuse why you can’t tune in. You’ll catch the most in-depth reporting, all the amusing banter, and all the crazy stories from the team. Plus, the alarming trend of Colin singing…

Here’s a clip of WRR from the 2006 Cyprus Rally, which was a particularly silly time for all the presenters. Enjoy.

*Colin denies this. Becs and James insist it’s true. So we actually don’t know how old he is. Here’s a compromise: Colin is ageless and immortal.


February 17, 2007. Appreciation, Auto Racing, Motorsport, Rally, Rally Radio, Rallying, WRC.

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