To Jan Kopecky: Vsechno nejlepsi k Tvym narozeninam!

I hope that means “happy birthday” in Czech. If it doesn’t, then that’s what I meant to say.  Straight to it then: why do I like Jan Kopecky?  Because…

I like saying his name. (I come from a country with names like Ricky Bobby.*  I’m a sucker for exotic names.)

um, how do I put this? …He’s hot.

he’s also an up-and-coming talent on tarmac. He placed 5th in Catalunya last year in a Skoda! He’s put in impressive performances to finish three more times in the top 8 since then. The full manufacturer’s outfit didn’t manage more than a 6th place** in a Fabia, ever.

Let’s hope he can keep driving until he really matures, maybe into a full works team one day. If he can take the Skoda Fabia, in a privateer team, all the way to the finish in 5th place, then he deserves better than a Skoda Fabia in a privateer team.

In his Fabia, Swedish Rally 2006

*Talledega Nights is hilarious–even more hilarious cuz we get to laugh at NASCAR’s expense.
**Alex Bengue, Tour de Corse 2005 and Jani Paasonen, Rally Finland 2004.


January 31, 2007. Appreciation.

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