Happy Birthday, Xevi Pons!

I know I’m backlogged on birthdays. That’s very bad, because a guy like Xevi Pons deserves a timely birthday wish!

Xevi has grown on me. For me, he started out as the out-classed teammate to Sebastien Loeb in the Kronos Citroen team. Then things went downhill, with the lackluster performances and the low: going beserk in the vineyards of Deutschland when Carlos del Barrio lost his place in the pacenotes. But he took a vacation, and when he came back in Japan, he was a new man! Happier, refreshed, and faster! I started calling him Happy Xevi. The last few rallies of the year saw him really shine, with top 5 finishes in the vacuum left by SuperSeb. He had to have loved it when he outpaced Sir Colin “Youngest, Famousest Rally Champion Ever” McCrae in Rally of Turkey, when the team didn’t even nominate him to score points. Must have felt a little like “BOO-YAH!” (That’s a Teen Titans reference, if you’re curious.)

I’m sure Mr. Pons is enjoying his 27th year of life, now that he has a drive in a Mitsubishi Lancer after the preseason scare of not having a drive at all. He even celebrated his 50th WRC start in Monte Carlo, with his new codriver Xavier Amigo. So let’s wish the two Xaviers a happy 2007 season.


January 31, 2007. Appreciation, Citroen, Mistubishi, Rally, WRC.

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