Why I Love Rally, Reason #11

I love that the competition, when you boil it down, is only against the clock. If you can set the fastest time, you win. The drivers aren’t held up by other drivers like they are in circuit racing. It’s about pure speed, technique, bravery, maturity and commitment (and luck).

And it’s also about doing their best with the trials that get thrown at them. The best drivers adapt, push through them and just carry on. When the rally’s done, excluding mechanical failure, the driver can only look to himself for the answers.

I guess I like the statement it makes about life. We don’t need to elbow everyone out of our path in order to feel that we’ve succeeded. We do our best, and we can be happy with that. On that note, have a wonderful new year.

Podium - Rally Finland 2006


January 2, 2007. Rally, Rallying, Why I Love Rally, WRC.

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