Happy 27th Birthday, Chris Atkinson!

Time to give our props to our favorite Aussie.

You gotta love
…his raw talent. Fastest stage times and a podium in Japan 2005.  He’s still learning (and doing it publicly in a factory drive), but let’s hope he’ll find some consistency next season.
…how he takes all the bad luck, mechanical problems and driver errors in stride.
…his silly sense of humor. He’s usually laughing and kidding around. Read this.
…how he doesn’t know what the capital of Canada is. Do you?
…his brains. The youngest certified stockbroker in the Sydney Stock Exchange!
…his pink sunglasses.
…the accent.
…this many appearances on AXN’s Shakedown. He was so good at asking the “Godfather” to whack the other drivers, you’d have thunk he’d done it before!
…how he always says, “that’s life.” He could practically trademark that.
…the friendship he has with codriver Glenn MacNeall. (I’m still trying to figure out when his birthday is. It could be tomorrow. I’m not sure.)

Check out those arms! He could pick up that Impreza!  Atko and his furry friend  Where’d his hair go?

Now, I fully expect Atko to win a world championship one day. He’s very likeable, he’s got the speed and the personality, and he’s gaining the experience. After the Loeb-Gronholm-Solberg dynasty, my crystal ball says it’ll be Atko vs. Mikko Hirvonen vs. Dani Sordo.


December 1, 2006. Appreciation, Auto Racing, Motorsport, Rally, Rallying, Sports, Subaru, WRC.

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