Happy Birthday, Petter Solberg!

It’s the big 3-2 for Mr. Hollywood!

The lovable Norweigan could do with some birthday cheer, as he’s having a tough time in New Zealand. So let’s band together and appreciate:

His speed. We know he’s just as fast as Seb and Marcus, if his car would let him be.
His pluck and persistence–through these luckless two years being plagued by technical problems, driver errors, rocks, Pirelli tyres, and kangaroos.
His obvious respect for the whole Subaru team–he knows it’s not all about him.
On the same note, his respect for his competitors. No bad-mouthing and quick with the compliments.
The Petter Solberg fan songs.
That he looks really good in Subaru blue.
The PIG! (Which deserves its own post…coming soon!)
All the funny photo-ops.
All the funny quotes. And the other sounds that can’t really be quoted.
Ouninpohja 2004. Props for holding the record time for the fastest stage in the WRC. 
How he drives cars while he’s standing outside the car, waving! How does he do it?!
The way his mouth hangs open when he’s really concentrating.
He’s a great driver, but not a great male model. But then again, all the models they use for the Subaru and Petter Solberg clothing lines are weird.
How he really really wants to win! He hasn’t for almost two years, but he’ll never give up.
And when he does win, how he tears the page off Phil’s notebook and jumps on the car.

Best wishes for luck, victory and happiness to the WRC’s most beloved driver!

Petter humoring Neil Cole, Mexico 2006     Jolly good fun in Sweden 2006     Off guard in Argentina 2006


November 18, 2006. Appreciation, Auto Racing, Motorsport, Rally, Rallying, Solberg, Subaru, WRC.

One Comment

  1. louise andrews replied:

    big fan of yours u r the only reason i watch the wrc well done secon place hope you win the champitonship this year

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