Happy Birthday, Timo Rautiainen!

Monday was my favorite co-driver’s b-day!

Just take a moment and truly appreciate…
his impeccable pacenotes (I never hear Marcus correcting them),
the way he rrrrolls his R’s (“kiraa, kiraa”),
the way he calms Marcus’ nerves and puts him in his place sometimes,
how he isn’t fazed by those spectacular crashes,
that hilarious yet desert dry humor of his,
how he soldiers on despite his back injuries, 
his nifty-sounding name,
how he personally answers fan questions on the official Marcus Gronholm message board,
and the fact that he doesn’t really know how to play baseball.*

Who knows where Marcus would be without Timo?
Where would we be without Timo? Um…the same place, I guess. But our (rally) lives would be less complete. 🙂

*Shakedown, 2006 Rally Japan. Great Timo moments in that show. 


November 15, 2006. Appreciation, Auto Racing, Ford, Motorsport, Peugeot, Rally, Rallying, Sports, WRC.

One Comment

  1. Syn replied:

    I stumbled upon your blog by chance, but I went through your entire archive in one night – you’ve got a great blog right here! And well I just had to comment here because Timo’s my favourite co-driver too 😉 A shame you’ve stopped posting, but all the same, great blog, very entertaining and refreshing ♥

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